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Perry Music Group (615) 866 -2364 


Perry Music Group is a multi-faceted distribution imprint of Sony/The Orchard, for independent and major recording Artist!  We offer digital distribution on 660 digital and mobile site in 75 countries.

Home of our Proprietary Algorithm Infused marketing Software, which is designed to drive Organic Human Traffic to any website, up to 1,500,000 people monthly to any URL.


Along with all the premium services in advertising, Streaming Marketing, Publicity, Brand + Digital Partnerships, Influencer Marketing, Platinum Formulated Productions, and Creative Services.


Perry Music Group in plain English means whatever it takes. We are music by the pros for the pros.


We know your needs because we deal with them every day. You will soon find that a powerful advantage of working with us is speed among others.



We use all of our considerable resources to hone in on what you really want. Quickly. You've heard us. At the movies. In your car. On TV.


We're apart of gigantic productions and tiny ones. Our Music is the uncommon common denominator.


When cost containment is a must we are a wealth of experience. call us today (615) 866 - 2364.


Perry Music Group means great music.

Bryan Wayne Perry



Bryan Wayne Perry is a record company executive with over 30 years of experience in the music industry.


Bryan Wayne created Perry Music Group in 2001. Since inception, Perry Music Group has become a multi-faceted label service and production company that is a digital distribution imprint of The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music.


Perry Music Group is proud to say it provides Consulting, Platinum formulated productions and Digital Distribution to major and independent artist and record labels globally.


Bryan Wayne Perry is the son of the late Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Wayne Perry, who brought us Billboard, RIAA certified number one hits by Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, and The Backstreet Boys just to name a few.


With a publishing company at its core, Perry Music Group houses the Wayne Perry catalogs that are co-published with Zomba, BMG, and Universal Music Publishing Group.


Bryan Wayne operates Perry Music Group, as a family-owned business with strategic goals, which is to achieve success for the artists and labels they work with by providing the best possible products, branding, and marketing strategies to compete in a very competitive industry.


As CEO of Perry Music Group, Bryan Wayne oversees every project from inception to fruition. By bringing his family core values to every project, he has helped bring success to the Perry name, which is very respected and has cleared a path in the music industry, for the last 60 years. 

Advertainement Creator, Artist Development & Management, Business Consulting, Global Digital Distribution, Project Marketing, Music Publishing, Radio Promotions, Union Scale Studio production, Tour Support. RESULTS. (615) 866 - 2364



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Home of our Propriuaty Algorithm Infused Markting Software 

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